Technology Management

Remote Management

As a small business & practice owner, you probably know all to well the challenges of dealing with IT issues and IT firms who are not familiar with your systems, practice management & workings of a busy medical practice.  Keeping your network up-to-date and saying well-informed is expensive and time-consuming, and it takes your focus away from treatment planning and expanding your patient base.  We have a solution for you:  A complete managed IT services program which combines the newest technology with the on-demand assistance you require.

ShelterBlue’s Managed Services programs give you:

  • Expert assistance from our team of IT professionals with a combined 50+ years of experience with supporting ortho/dental/medical
  • Ongoing monitoring of your systems for updates, anti-virus, microsoft patches & uptime
  • Security that is first in class for anti-malware/phishing as well as internet filtering
  • Off  Site Backups that are constantly monitored are included in our contracts
  • Improved productivity for you and your staff

Giving employees access to the newest in managed services technology and on-demand IT support will improve productivity and morale.  Plus, once you free yourself from the hassles of maintaining your IT infrastructure, you’ll hae more time to dedicate to profit-building activities that help your practice grow.

As your managed services provider, we will constantly monitor your network, preventing potential issues and keeping your systems up-to-date.  You’ll receive the type of managed IT services, support, monitoring & reporting that was previously only available to much larger organizations.  With our flexible managed services programs, you’ll simplify your IT and your budget, giving you time to focus on what’s most important to you.

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